Wild roomies like to kid around 

Wild roomies like to kid around

Boogey and Burns might sound like a bygone cop show, but their relationship as roommates with the Wild is pure sitcom.

One can imagine the dialogue and hi-jinks between the Boogeyman, Derek Boogaard, and the incessantly chatty Brent Burns playing out in North American hotel rooms over the course of a 41-game road schedule.

Boogaard's snoring drives Burns so crazy, he will pelt the 6-foot-7 enforcer with pillows, shoes or whatever he can grab in the middle of the night.

"Ask him how many earplugs I need," Burns said.

Burns hauls so many electronic gadgets on each trip that he monopolizes every outlet in the room.

"He's got this big bag of toys. It's all wires DVD player, iPod, cell phone, laptop. I can't even plug in my cell phone," Boogaard said.

The bickering is mostly for show. Boogaard and Burns are best buddies. Creatures of habit, they typically order dessert from room service after returning from dinner with teammates.

"Two straws and a milkshake. Nice and romantic, me and the Boogeyman," Burns cracked.

NHL teams spend at least seven months together every day practicing, playing or traveling, which translates into about 60 nights on the road during the season. To streamline travel costs, players are roomed together and forced to endure each other's quirks, sleep habits and bathroom etiquette.

On the Wild, the exceptions are Manny Fernandez (because veteran goalies are typically left alone to brood or relax in solitude) and Brian Rolston (because the collective bargaining agreement allows players with more than 600 games to have their own rooms).

While there is no formula for assigning roommates, certain patterns are followed to make players comfortable. Recently recalled minor league teammates Josh Harding and Erik Westrum are paired, as are Kyle Wanvig and Kurtis Foster.

Mattias Weinhandl, who was claimed off waivers earlier this month, rooms with fellow Swede Daniel Tjarnqvist.

Andrei Zyuzin currently rooms with Randy Robitaille, although the defenseman has chased away several others because of his reputation as the team's loudest snorer.

"That's not true at all," Zyuzin said. "There was one night, I think Gabby (Marian Gaborik) was with me; I was sick the day before. I slept like 13 hours, and I know I snored. But that's it."

Coach Jacques Lemaire roomed with linemate and fellow hall of famer Guy Lafleur during their dynasty days with the Canadiens. Lemaire saw up close how the pressure of being the game's No. 1 star and playing in Montreal's media fishbowl wore on Lafleur.

But they also had fun sharing stories and laughs at the hotel bar instead of carousing with teammates, which eventually won over autocratic coach Scotty Bowman.

"Scotty didn't want anybody to drink at the hotel, but Guy and I went to see him," Lemaire said. "We said we'll be in bed a lot earlier if we have a beer here, and, secondly, you'll know where we are. After that, he came around."

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